Writing And Developing Account Plans

In-Company Course Overview

Salespeople and account managers charged with developing sustainable business with larger accounts know the value of planning in driving sales revenue and customer satisfaction. However, having a good account planning process and an account plan template for success is usually easier said than done – what is the right level of plan, what should be in it, how often should it be updated, who needs to be part of the planning process: just some of the questions that conspire to make developing account plans an occasional rather than a habitual process.

Participants will leave this course having an understanding of what makes a good account plan and how to structure their own account plan template. They will have evaluated account planning tools for effectiveness in their environment and have an understanding of account planning as an enabler to high performance.

Who Should Attend

Salespeople or account managers who see the need to have a more structured approach to developing account plans for their accounts. Team managers who need to implement team-wide account planning and create a standard account plan template.

Course Objectives

After attending this sales training course, participants will have the ability to:

  • Assess developing and writing account plans as an added-value activity
  • Identify the components of a good account plan
  • Structure an account plan to fit their business environment
  • Use account planning as an enabler to high performance.

Course Programme

The Context Of Writing And Developing Account Plans
What is the strategic imperative?
Account Plans and their part in building sustainable relationships
The value-adding account plan
The scope of account planning
Ensuring the plan is linked to the future

The Structure Of The Account Plan
The key components:

  • Profile
  • Performance
  • Plan
  • Key opportunities
  • Actions

The 4 levels of Customer Insight:

  • Market drivers
  • Business drivers
  • Positional drivers
  • Personal drivers

Evaluating The Client Base
Segmenting large accounts
Determining the future growth opportunities
Creating a vision and performance objectives
Developing milestones

Developing The Account Plan
What do we know?
Information sources?
Who should be involved?
Keeping it current
Involving the customer
Developing the key players
Sharing the plan

Implementing Account Planning
Making it happen
Addressing the inhibitors
Developing a common process
The value of the template
The review process

To see how this sales training course could help you develop a strong account planning process and account plan template or to talk through your requirements, including tailoring this course to suit your exact needs, please contact:

Claudine McClean

E: claudinem@structuredtraining.com