Strategies For Dynamic Sales Growth

In-Company Course Overview

This highly participative learning focused sales training course enables sales directors and sales managers to identify, develop and execute effective sales strategies. Rather than just use the established models it builds on current best practice, giving the participants a clear understanding of sales dynamics and how to connect those with their organisation’s strategic needs now and in the future.

The style is practical and interactive with the participants developing skills and tools which will enable them to leave with an outline sales strategy and a personal action plan at the end of the course. Through the course, participants will use focused learning groups to capitalise the emerging key insights and to connect them with their own experiences.

Who Should Attend

Senior sales managers and sales directors who wish to develop a greater understanding of sales strategy and the market drivers which shape it. Senior executives who may also input into the shaping of corporate strategy or policy would also benefit from attending this course. Participants who have recently or are in a position to be promoted to sales director will find this course invaluable.

Course Objectives

After attending this course, participants will have the ability to:

  • Make sense of key changes in their selling context
  • Understand the difference between tactical and strategic sales management
  • Identify the key factors impacting on their organisation’s sales performance
  • Add value into their organisation’s strategic direction
  • Review the role of technology and the Internet in their approach to selling
  • Translate their sales vision into an effective personal action plan
  • Understand the impact of culture on a successful sales change course
  • Develop and leave with a strategic agenda and personal action plan.

Course Programme

The Changing World Of Selling
How the selling context is being transformed
Understanding the key drivers behind the revolution in selling
Identifying the impact on your organisation

Putting Strategy Into Context
Creating a useful definition of sales strategy
The difference between operational and strategic sales management
Connecting corporate marketing and sales strategy

Developing A Sales Strategy Mind-set
Looking at your role from a strategic viewpoint
Who is responsible for the sales strategy?
How to develop a strategic approach to thinking
Generating ownership across the whole sales process

The Impact Of Technology On The Sales Process
Sales effectiveness through automation – fact or fiction
Developing a sales orientated web strategy
Development of the Web as a sales channel
Timely information the critical differentiator

Seeing Sales As A Process Not A Function
How to map your current sales processes
Developing competitive advantage through superior sales processes
The need to develop cross functional teamwork and support
Bringing together sales, service and support

Turning Vision Into Clarity
Who should be involved in developing a sales strategy?
Setting up a communication framework
Developing an outline action plan

Strategy Results In Change
Treating change as an ongoing process
Understanding the dynamics of change
Making change work

Don’t Be Defeated By The Culture
Understanding and addressing resistance to change
Developing ownership through involvement

Implementation Strategy: Steps and Cycles
What does success look like?
Identifying key performance indicators and critical success factors
Monitoring, reviewing and updating the plan
Keeping the strategy on track

To understand how this sales training course could help you develop effective sales strategies or talk through your requirements, including tailoring this course to suit your exact needs, please contact:

Claudine McClean