Selling…Services and Complex Products

In-Company Course Overview

Selling Services and Complex Products requires a new way of selling. The salesperson’s role includes business consultant and project management responsibilities. In these dynamic situations the paramount skill is to connect effectively with the existing level of knowledge of the customer and build on that, so enabling informed and confident decisions to be made by the customer, in spite of the inherent product/service complexity. Shifting from a push-sell to a solution mindset and working in the language of the customer are key success factors.

This sales training course develops the skills required to successfully sell in such an environment which may also have the additional complexities of a project team approach to selling, multiple points of contact with the client and multi functional support within the organisation. The course, which requires existing sales experience and an understanding of the sales cycle, helps develop a consultative sales style, underpinned with sound business acumen, good organisational skills and the ability to clearly communicate at all levels.

Who Should Attend

Experienced sales executives who are selling complex services or products in situations where technical/commercial knowledge is an integral part of the product offering; for example, IT systems, emerging technologies, financial or consulting services. Project teams, sales managers and technical staff who are responsible for supporting the sales process would also benefit from attending this course.

Course Objectives

After attending this course, participants will have the ability to:

  • Recognise the difference between an added value and commodity sales process
  • Understand how to add value into the sales process
  • Establish the buying process of the client organisation, including the attitude of different functions of buyers
  • Focus on creating competitive advantage for their clients
  • Identify which is the best ‘key selling message’ for the different customer decision-making situations and processes
  • Communicate ideas.

Course Programme

Crossing The Bridge From Commodity To Value Add Selling
The Seven Fundamentals of sales
Different sorts of selling
Selling as a process
Key account management: How it links, how it differs
Organising for major, complex sales

Analysing The Situation
Analysing your product, and product positioning
Analysing your competitors and competitive position
Competitive differentiation
Examining your sales process and sales action
How marketing helps
Assessing your own resources
Planning and having a plan

How to manage different customer functions, such as: Technical, Finance, Legal, Buying department
What a risk is, how it is assessed & how to deal with it
Financial analysis: the difference between fixed and variable costs, and Capital Investment sessions
Decision-making models

Matching Your Team’s Sales Process To Customer Buying Process Sales Basics
The solutions-based approach
Adding value in the customer’s eyes, to:

  • The sales process itself
  • The product / service package
  • Co-ordinating resources
  • Overcoming FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt factors), and resistance

Managing The Customer Interface
Managing multiple points of contact
Working as part of your customer’s project team
Decision-making units
The place of CRM
Moving towards being a ‘strategic partner’

The Business Case
Adding value by developing a good business case for the client or customer
Structuring a persuasive presentation document
Dealing with the customer client internal conflicts

How to do persuasive presentation
How to present your document
Let your client contacts do the selling

Negotiation basics
Planning for negotiation
Trading concessions
Psychological aspects

Bringing It All Together
Personal action plans
The major sales resource book
Learning and developing the process

To discuss how this sales training course could help you develop a more consultative sales style or to talk through your requirements, including tailoring this course to suit your exact needs, please contact:

Claudine McClean