Selling…Developing Your Sales Experience

In-Company Course Overview

This developmental selling skills course builds on existing experience and skills. It will deliver an injection of new ideas and fresh approaches that will increase sales performance. It is focused towards business-to-business rather than consumer selling processes.

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for experienced salespeople who wish to develop their selling skills to an even higher professional standard.

Course Objectives

After attending this course, participants will have the ability to:

  • Increase the quality of their sales activity, minimising courtesy and abortive calls
  • Develop greater opportunities for closing more business
  • Use new technology including the Internet to improve competitive advantage
  • Review difficult sales situations and construct more effective sales presentations
  • Re-assess time and territory management to achieve sales targets
  • Analyse their personal performance, and through increased self-awareness reduce weaknesses and maximise strengths in their sales approach
  • Improve the overall appeal of their selling package so that competitors are kept firmly out in the cold
  • Develop business relationships which ensure customers want to do business with them
  • Confirm they are talking to customers who can make decisions
  • Put even more energy and enthusiasm into their day-to-day job.

Course Programme

Strengthening Personal Sales Performance
Understanding your personal sales mind-set
Auditing personal selling skills
Developing areas for skill development
Understanding and identifying different selling behaviours
How To Use Pro-Active Sales Behaviour To Increase Positive Sales Outcomes

Managing Time To Achieve Results
Identifying an effective work plan
Improving the average call rate
Chasing business not customers

Taking A Fresh Look At Your Package
Auditing your package through the customers’ eyes
Understanding your role as part of the package
Adding and increasing sales value
Building competitive advantage

Selling Against Competition
Dealing with strengths and weaknesses in changing circumstances
How to deal with competitive pricing pressures
Selling against an incumbent supplier
How to shape opinions in favour of your package
How to audit the competition’s offering

Using The Internet To Develop Competitive Advantage
Using the power of Internet communication
Sourcing new prospects and client information from the web
Using the corporate website as a dynamic sales tool

Getting In Front Of More Decision-Makers
Making more effective appointments
How to use the decision-making process
Establishing where the purchasing authority lies
Responding to different buyer behaviour
Finding the hot buttons

Sharpening Your Face-To-Face Skills
Following a structured approach
Planning a meeting with key decision-makers
Putting competitive selling into practice
How to become the preferred supplier

Preparing A Fully Justified Proposal
Structuring a value-led proposal that’s attractive to read
How to present the financial justification
Using the proposal to achieve commitment

Winning More Sales
Generating opportunities to close
Understanding and applying the techniques of professional closing
Closing behaviour to maximise customer comfort
Gaining commitment through non decision-makers

Successful Negotiation
Understanding the difference between selling and negotiation
Planning the negotiation meeting
How to leave ‘nothing on the table’
Dealing with skilled negotiators

Increasing High Performance
The process of self-development
Maintaining a positive mental attitude
Projecting self conviction

To discuss how this sales training course could help you improve your sales performance or to talk through your requirements, including tailoring this course to suit your exact needs, please contact:

Claudine McClean