Sales Time Management

In-Company Course Overview

By clarifying and understanding the main purpose of their job role, a salesperson can define effective activity to achieve expected results. Through better personal organisation and effective time management, individuals are better able to increase their sales productivity. By developing a mindset of being the owner of a business unit, the salesperson is better able to prioritise tasks and in doing so begin to plan more effectively, thus preparing to succeed.

Who Should Attend

Any salesperson wishing to maximise the output of their efforts. Whether new to the job, seeking a refresher or looking to keep abreast of up to date thinking, this session will provide valuable input to the individual. Sales Managers would also find it beneficial, applying the same techniques at a higher level and helping others to instil the necessary discipline.

Course Objectives

After attending this sales training course, participants will have the ability to:

  • Clarify personal goals and objectives
  • Recognise the positives and negatives of to do lists
  • Manage the urgency and importance matrix
  • Deal with demands and pressures passed down the line
  • Deal with interruptions of time thieves and time bandits
  • Use good practice models to improve planning
  • Analyse workload in relation to the effect on the wider business
  • Apply techniques to reduce the effects of stress on themselves and others.

Course Programme

What Do You Do?
Establishing job roles and responsibilities
Individual goals and targets
Your function in relation to organisation success
You are the business!

Working To Get Things Done
Driving towards objectives
Jobs, tasks, chores – things to do
Making lists and using the BANJO principle

Prioritising – Urgency And Importance
Defining and using the matrix
Focusing on the time pressures
Efforts in relation to achievement
Blocking off time for A1 issues

Effective And Efficient Use Of Time
Doing the right things and doing things right
Conducting a job audit
Concentrate, insulate, eliminate

Dealing With Delegation
Strategies for both inbound and outbound
Delegation is not abdication

Time To Get Serious
Recognising and avoiding top time wasters
Recording and understanding what we really do
Protecting our most valuable and easily consumed resource

Why Do You Do It?
Understanding principles of self-motivation
Becoming a true self starter
Working through productivity ‘down-times’

Stress As The Enemy Of All
What is real stress?
Recognising causes and effects
Spotting the danger signs
Adopting effective stress management strategies

Planning For A Better Future
Committing to make a real difference
It starts with you!

To improve your sales productivity through effective time management and personal organisation or to talk through your sales training requirements, including tailoring this course to suit your exact needs, please contact:

Claudine McClean