Planning And Managing Customer Meetings

With meaningful customer face time becoming increasingly more valuable in a new or emerging business relationship, it is essential that every salesperson uses every available opportunity to maximise predetermined outcomes for both themselves and the customers’ organisations.

Building on participant’s previous experience, this hands on and practical course captures the essentials of a successful approach to meetings, including planning and managing meetings and closing effectively. This course is a valuable addition/refresher for anyone serious about becoming more professional and effective in customer meetings.

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for salespeople who wish to develop their skills in the areas of managing meetings and sales interviews. It is anticipated that participants have an understanding and experience of the world of external sales.

Course Objectives

After attending this course, participants will have the ability to:

  • Focus on the outcomes of the meeting and plan accordingly to achieve objectives
  • Tailor the opening of the meeting to focus the client’s attention
  • Use incisive questions to work with client’s to gain a deep understanding of their needs, both immediate and long term
  • Use techniques to concentrate on applying the right behaviours relevant to the varying sections within a meeting
  • Apply the right behaviours to develop, create and maintain client empathy
  • Deal with situations where limited time is available
  • Avoid adopting a “shot gun” or “tell all” approach
  • Move the sales process forward by gaining commitment to the next logical step.

Course Programme

Why We Have Meetings
What are we trying to achieve?
Like to haves vs minimum outputs
Defining an appropriate agenda
Using the agenda to drive meeting activity

Getting Things Into Writing
Scripting (and visioning) the meeting beforehand
Note taking as a dual confidence builder
Feeding the information into a powerful business case

The First Five Minutes
Opening with impact
Creating the right first impression
Establishing a common purpose
Highlighting ‘What’s In It For Me?’

From Passive To Active Selling
Taking a broader view of your offering
Using sales process to define pre and post meeting activity
Deciding on the type of meeting required

Focusing On The Client’s Business
Applying the correct ‘Communication Ratio’
Questions as a key to mutual understanding
Creating and developing needs with a client
‘Future-scoping’ to increase depth of knowledge

Keeping Meeting Discipline
Avoiding the ‘Tell-all Trap’
Prescription without diagnosis is malpractice!
Using structures to stay on the right track

Generating Rapport With Individuals
Recognising different personality styles
Matching people on a number of different levels
Understanding people’s frames of reference

Becoming A Problem Solver
Responding with client specific solutions
Building a logical sales argument
2D becomes 3D
Taking the opportunity to add extra value

The Last Five Minutes
‘Closing’ as a logical sequence step
Beginning or end?
Keeping confident and using the momentum

Planning As The Key To Success
Nothing should happen by accident
Repeating formulas that work
Making meeting type templates

Getting Things Into Writing
Scripting (and visioning) the meeting beforehand
Note taking as a dual confidence builder
Feeding the information into a powerful business case

To improve your meetings outcomes through better planning and managing of customer meetings or talk through your requirements, including tailoring this course to suit your exact needs, please contact:

Claudine McClean