Negotiation Skills

In-Company Course Overview

In the competitive world we live in today, customers’ needs continue to become more demanding and as very few business people negotiate effectively, the rewards are great for those who do. The ability to effectively manage a sales negotiation is often the difference between a sales and a great sale. For many, negotiation is a stressful activity, where the risk of ‘losing the sales’ or concern about the customer relationship endangers the outcome of a negotiation. As customers become increasingly sophisticated and sometimes aggressive in their approach to negotiation it becomes critical for sales people to be confident and well equipped in their approach.

To enjoy a long-term relationship, both the customer and the seller must reach mutual agreement about the whole deal or business opportunity being transacted – not just the price, but also the range of terms, options and conditions in the total package being offered.

Who Should Attend

Experienced sales executives and account managers who wish to prepare and execute a total negotiating plan in order to obtain the very best sales outcome through the different phases of negotiation.

Course Objectives

After attending this sales training course, participants will have the ability to:

  • Clearly understand what makes a good negotiator by defining the key differences between selling and ethical negotiation through setting out and identifying key objectives
  • Manage the negotiation process through its different phases in order to achieve a mutually beneficial conclusion by understanding which needs will provide the strongest source of motivation to the person(s) you are dealing with
  • Construct a total negotiation overview to determine personal position, the customer’s core competences, corporate strengths and weaknesses, and your competitive differentiation
  • Identify customer’s negotiation behaviours, objectives, motives and tactics in order to maximise their position and maintain a good ongoing relationship
  • Develop problem solving techniques, understand adversarial versus partnership negotiation and identify the true power and position of both parties
  • Negotiate within a preferred supplier framework. To consider the possible strategies and tactics available and determine how and when they are best introduced
  • Prepare and design a total negotiating plan, including performance objectives, for implementation on return from the programme.

Course Programme

The Difference Between Selling And Negotiating
Understanding the selling, closing and negotiation processes
What makes a good negotiator?
When selling stops and negotiation begins

Negotiation Styles
Identifying your personal negotiation style
Adapting your style to the situation
Adversarial versus Principled Negotiating

The Principles Of Negotiation
Understanding the five styles of negotiation
Establishing the real decision-making and decision influencing processes
Developing a Win/Win philosophy

A Structured Approach To Negotiation

Preparing your strategy and defining your objectives
Using an agenda to maintain control
Establishing your walk away position

The Skills Of Negotiating
Questioning and listening for maximum advantage
Utilising high value low cost variables
Agreeing what you’ve agreed and implementation


Handling unreasonable demands and last minute changes
Using time effectively in negotiations
Understanding the use of variables, gambits and tactics

The Complete Negotiator
Practicing your negotiation skills
Using feedback to improve your performance
Developing an individual action plan for implementation back in the workplace.

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