Motivating Sales People To Perform

In-Company Course Overview

Application of motivational principles in a modern context is a must for getting the most out of a sales team. Traditional theories meet up to the minute thinking in a course that helps sales leaders concentrate on the aspects of performance that will afford them a business advantage through correctly utilising their most valuable asset – people.

Who Should Attend

Anyone with a responsibility for a team of people involved with selling or indeed customer service. Managing Directors. Sales Directors and Sales Managers of both national and regional teams will benefit from this course.

Course Objectives

After attending this course, participants will have the ability to

  • Recognise and apply ‘classic’ theories of motivation and how they need to flex
  • Understand performance drivers in the modern context
  • Tailor personal development strategies for the ‘Generation X’
  • Design and use a meaningful ‘Psychological Contract’
  • Create an environment conducive to sales people owning their own performance
  • Balance command and control strategies against empowerment
  • Establish a fair and effective system of incentives and rewards.

Course Programme

Performance Or Potential?
Getting the most from your people
Is there anything left to get?
Using sales process as a means of assessment

Lessons From The Past
Providing ‘hygiene’ factors then adding motivators
Fulfilling people’s escalating needs and wants
Breaking down the causes and effects of better performance

Working With People In The Present
Understanding the ‘Generation X’
RESPECT for market place changes
Realising how we are all affected

The ‘Psychological Contract’
Defining all the elements of the ‘contract’
Focusing on employability rather than job security
Personal development and motivational drivers
Becoming the employer of choice

Developing Ownership Within Sales People
Setting standards of behaviour and performance
Stimulating a new collective mindset
Moving away from ‘command and control’
Getting sales people to accept that they are the business

Creating An Empowering Performance Framework
Balancing trust and responsibility with discipline procedures
Targeting the right things in the right way
Creating aspirational objectives and a real performance base line

From Managing To Leading
Releasing empowered sales people
Finding how to add value in the new manager’s role
Becoming a coach and enabler
Understanding the underlying characteristics of the sales animal

Providing The Environment For Motivation And Success
Using information as a positive driver
Focusing on contribution rather than experience or hierarchy
Job expansion and job enrichment
Examining what status attaches to in your organisation

Exploring Incentive And Rewards
First past the post versus everybody wins
Assessing the use of non-financial motivators
Understanding expectation management
Providing basic tools of stimulating activity

Keeping Track Of Performance
Establishing clear success/failure criteria
Creating openness and transparency
Working towards the common goal
Coaching and enabling to ensure success

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Claudine McClean