Managing And Leading Remote Sales Teams

In-Company Course Overview

In today’s increasingly connected world, the ‘workplace’ is altering and in many instances can be a considerable distance (physically or mentally) from the ‘office’. This is particularly true within the sales arena where remoting working is starting to become the norm.

This course equips those involved in sales management to deal with the issues that remote working can cause and to use the opportunity to steal a lead over more traditional ‘fixed’ base competitors.

Who Should Attend

Any sales leader where distance or remoteness is a factor in their work. Whilst generally meaning teams based in the field, this can also encompass the manager being at a distance to sales centres. The course is designed with all levels of Sales Management in mind.

Course Objectives

After attending this sales training course, participants will have the ability to:

  • Define the nature and potential pitfalls of their distance managing scenario
  • Understand how to create a different psychological contract
  • Evaluate differing technologies to assist with connectivity
  • Recognise the importance of Extranets from a sales team and customer perspective
  • Understand team dynamics and how they differ with distance
  • Deal with communication issues as team members become more remote
  • Prepare for the cultural impact as the scope of team management increase with geography.

Course Programme

Why Are You Remote?
Defining your own distance factors
Foreseeing where issues may arise
Using the ‘TC2‘ model to form development strategies
Progressing along the ‘Distance-X’ continuum

Technology – Helper And Potential Hindrance
Connectivity in the modern world
Getting to grips with mobile communication
What technology can do for us and what it can’t
Extranet as a benefit builder for salesperson, company and customer

Communication As Core To The Process
Balancing usefulness with overload
The importance of a clear information flow
Reporting relevant data easily and quickly
Keeping the human element alive

Team-working Whilst Apart
Synergies lost with a fragmented group
Creating a group identity in a spaced out world
Creating a different psychological contract
Managing autonomous people or using ‘remote control’?
Maintaining positive peer group pressure

Cultural Issues Across Distance
Managing input from other countries
Dealing with time zones and different working practices
Multicultural approach to leading the team
Drawing strengths from a diverse group

Loneliness Of A Long Distance Salesperson
Firing up and self motivating
Working with the manager’s and organisation’s trust
Setting standards against an virtual backdrop
Generating visibility out in the field

Shaping The Distant Organisation
Hubbing and spoking
Using ‘outposts’ and ‘watering holes’
Loose vs tight; stellar vs matrix

When The Whole Sales Function Is Remote
Isolation when removed from the core business
Cost saving or ultimate burden
Channel partners creating further distance

To help you deal with the issues connected to remote working or to talk through your sales training requirements, including tailoring this course to suit your exact needs, please contact:

Claudine McClean