Leading The Telephone Team

In-Company Course Overview

The telephone team is becoming a critical plank in many organisations’ platform for business success. This high participative course takes team leaders through the emerging best practice of telephone team management.

The course focuses on selecting, motivating and leading the team to perform at the highest levels whilst maintaining job satisfaction in an environment often unfairly described as the modern equivalent of a ‘sweat shop factory’. Participants will have the opportunity to gain greater insight into the issues and minimise the risk of ‘wrong turns’ in their decision-making and management processes. Group exercises and role-plays give participants the confidence to lead a team effectively.

Who Should Attend

This telephone skills course is for telephone team leaders. Whether managing a team in a small or large organisation, the course is ideal for team leaders who really wish to understand the key success factors in the fast developing world of the telephone.

Course Objectives

After attending this sales training course, participants will have the ability to:

  • Identify what it takes to work in a successful telephone environment
  • Select people with the right raw material
  • Build a team quickly, inducting new team members effectively
  • Be more of a leader, less of a micro manager
  • Build a performance framework that focuses on the right things
  • Keep motivation high and job dissatisfaction low
  • Use coaching as a development tool
  • Position the team to effectively deal with future change.

Course Programme

Preparing To Recruit
Becoming actively involved in the recruitment process
Adding value to job design
Drawing up the person specification
Looking in the right places
Getting the best out of recruitment agencies

Selecting The Best People
Developing structured interviews that ensure high quality hires
Successful telephone interviewing
Setting objectives to improve decision making
Uncovering the real person

Settling People In
Setting the scene with effective induction programmes
Smoothing the entrance of a new team member
Using team building techniques that work
Increasing the learning curve

Motivating The Team
Empowerment and delegation as a motivator
Designing reward schemes that work
Motivating the average performer

Measuring Team Performance
What measuring does (and doesn’t) achieve
The dangers of micro management
Setting realistic targets and challenging goals for teams
Using e-mail to improve team communication

Coaching The Team
Developing a coaching environment
Identifying coaching opportunities
Handling emotions
Building confidence
Dealing with underperformance

Appraisals That Motivate
Why hold appraisals
Applying effective feedback loops
Agreeing developmental goals
Monitoring progress
Developing challenging plans

Moving Forward
Recognising success and dealing with failure
Retaining the people you want to keep
Acting as the champion of the team
Moving forward with technology

To improve your telephone team management or to talk through your sales training requirements, including tailoring this course to suit your exact needs, please contact:

Claudine McClean

E: claudinem@structuredtraining.com