How To Create And Implement An Increase In Sales Performance

In-Company Course Overview

A practical, one day programme that will give sales professionals the necessary insights connected to the  drivers of sales performance and how to optimise them for maximum business effect.

Who Should Attend

Sales Directors, Sales managers, General Managers and senior sales people who wish to focus in particular on the issues and required actions that can achieve an increase in sales performance.

Course Objectives

After attending this course, participants will have the ability to:

  • Identify the differences input and output target setting.
  • Create the correct sales organizational mind-set that believes increased performance is possible/achievable.
  • Build a business growth engine,
  • Manage an effective sales pipeline.
  • Develop individuals’ action plans around their personal needs profile.
  • Apply the best practice principles of performance management across the whole sales spectrum from super achievers to non achievers.
  • Motivate sales people to perform.
  • Identify the differences between input and output target setting

Course Programme

Defining The Problem
Creating a base-data set
Separating symptoms from causes
Establishing the workable facts
Generating  clear and simple plans from the analysis

Creating A High Performance Sales Culture
Sales Leadership & Sales Management – the differences
Creating a sense of purpose and achievement orientation
Creating trust and using a team ethos
Setting high standards and dealing with unacceptable performance

Building A (Customer) Business Growth Engine
Controllable and uncontrollable variables
Segmenting and targeting your customer base
The powerful application of Wallet Share
Defining your Customer Engagement process

Building A (Prospect) Business Growth Engine
Completing a Market Landscape
The effective application of marketing support
The salespersons’ role as a new business winner
Defining your Prospect Engagement process

Creating An Effective Sales Pipeline
Understanding your sales process
Indentifying the key decision triggers
How to populate the pipeline with value-adding activities
Using ratio analysis to improve performance

Optimising Sales Activity
Getting the quality quantity equation right
How to avoid salespeople ‘gaming’ the reporting system
Sorting out behaviours, activities, targets & results
Using normative data to stimulate further performance gains

Improving The Sales Individual
How to correctly indentify the development need
The power of effective coaching
The application of developmental and remedial action plans
Using high impact sales motivators
Having an effective Performance Management System

Making It All Happen
Creating a permanent change in process, activity & behaviour
Communicating the changes effectively
Maintaining a high impact, low maintenance monitoring system
To see how this sales training course could help develop your telephone sales and relationship building skills or to talk through your requirements, including tailoring this course to suit your exact needs, please contact:

Claudine McClean