High Performance Sales Management

In-Company Course Overview

Improving the performance of your whole sales team will achieve the biggest business benefit. This two day course does just that.

High Performance Sales Management focuses on the core inputs that affect performance and shows participants how to apply them quickly and effectively back in the workplace. By focusing on the role of the sales leader and how they should position themselves, organise the sales effort and engage with their sales people the course gets to the heart of what drives sales performance.

Who Should Attend

Sales directors and sales managers who are responsible for the performance of their sales organisations across the short medium and long term. The course will be of particular benefit to sales professionals who are familiar with the ‘classic fundamentals’ of sales management and are looking to build on that learning in a modern context. The course also includes a perspective of motivating and focusing sales people in difficult times.

Course Objectives

After attending this sales training course, participants will have the ability to:

  • Create a working environment for the salespeople to succeed rather than simply struggle to do the numbers
  • Understand the difference between strategic and operational sales management and implement both perspectives effectively
  • Lead and inspire their teams rather than just micro-manage them
  • Recognise what high performers (and performance) looks like and build their own high performance framework that works with all levels of performance
  • Encourage and nurture high performance within their salespeople through dynamic coaching
  • Be able to make a broader contribution to organisational performance.

Course Programme

Managing The New Sales Realities
The major drivers of sales change and how to respond
We are all selling ‘solutions’ now – how do salespeople differentiate their offer?
The need for a new look at salespeople in the cost/income ‘squeeze’
Fewer field salespeople, but more demanding to select and retain
High tech – high touch. Salespeople working with technology

Why Sales Leadership Delivers More Than Micro Management
Learn how high performance comes not from over analysing the numbers but from obsessing about (the right) behaviours
Why a command and control style doesn’t deliver any more
Discover your own sales leaders profile
Constructing a new psychological contract between team members and team leader that creates new motivational approaches
We don’t have career ladders anymore but career mazes – learn how to navigate!

Developing a Strategic Sales Mind-Set
Creating a strategic viewpoint
Looking a different ways to organise selling including customer centric processes
The difference between strategic and operational sales management
How to put together a sales strategy (overview)
Bottom up or top down? – how to combine the two for maximum effect
How to get salespeople reaching for stretch targets

Building a (High) Performance Management Framework

The 5 factors of a robust Performance Management System
Getting inputs and outputs clearly understood
Effectively using Critical Success Factors
The use (and misuse) of rewards and recognition
How to use Best Practice to drive performance and behaviour

Developing New Capabilities
How to use a competency framework to drive performance
The power of systematic coaching
Linking performance review, appraisals & on-going feedback
How to conduct regular field assessments
Managing problem performers, prima donnas, and pessimists

Bringing It All Together
Creating a 100 day action plan
Involving your boss and your team in making it all happen

To improve your sales management and achieve additional sales growth or to talk through your requirements, including tailoring this course to suit your exact needs, please contact:

Claudine McClean

E: claudinem@structuredtraining.com