Developing A Service Led Culture

In-Company Course Overview

Your people are the critical part of any customer service strategy. This interactive course looks at the human dynamics that shape your organisation’s customer interface. It will help management teams who are responsible for customer service policy understand what is required to become a service-led organisation, how to develop a service-led culture and how to maintain and evolve that culture.

Because of its focused nature this course is run only on in-company basis. To help, the customer organisation is sent a briefing framework document to complete before attending, which allows the key issues to be understood by the facilitator prior to the course. This means the course can operate at a faster, more informed level.

Who Should Attend

Management teams from both product-based and service-based organisations, who are seeking to improve the way their customers are handled by their people. Participants should be in a position to affect or advise change in their organisation’s customer care policies.

Course Objectives

After attending this course, participants will have the ability to:

  • Champion the promotion of a service-led strategy
  • Understand how their own company’s mind-set can facilitate (or not) a move towards a service-led culture
  • See how critical people-management and people-development issues are in delivering customer care
  • Improve customer-facing behaviour through the application of effective people-management techniques
  • Develop human resource policies that develop the right kind of customer-facing people
  • Recruit the right customer-aware people
  • Understand how to put the ‘customer first’ in an increasingly technology-driven working environment.

Course Programme

Looking at the service context
‘The customer comes first’ – rhetoric or fact?
Defining a framework for improving service
Where does service management fit in?
The difference between personal and material service
Ensuring technology can help not hinder the delivery of superior customer service
Using service to develop competitive advantage

What it takes to be a service-led organisation
How to examine your organisation’s culture and values
Creating the correct success drivers
Developing a company philosophy and attitude that ‘lives service’

Who owns the customer
How to create company-wide commitment
The ‘from the top down’ concept
The importance of involvement at all levels

Understanding your customers
The importance of customers within the organisation
Defining and tracking customer behaviour
Understanding the progressive nature of service expectation
The benefits of new customer orientation

How to make the culture ‘stick’
Understanding it’s a change issue
Creating service ownership (for everybody)
Developing responsibility
Soliciting customer feedback

Human resource practices that are needed for a customer service course
Coaching and mentoring
Training for excellence
Empowerment as a motivational tool
Recruiting the correct people
The importance of correct job descriptions

To see how this course could help you develop a service-led culture through a more sustained customer service strategy or to talk through your exact requirements please contact:

Claudine McClean