Creative Selling Skills

In-Company Course Overview

Most salespeople start with skills in selling at the later stages in the buyer’s thought process, after the need is recognised. To be able to introduce a new idea, before the need is recognised, requires different skills. Many of the sales competencies used in Consultative Selling and Competitive Selling do not apply when the need is not yet recognised by the buyer.

When this is a new idea, the buying process may not be clear to those involved in the buying decision-process. This means special selling skills are required to avoid a prohibitive length of sales process.

This intensive and practical course provides participants with skills and insight needed.

Who Should Attend

All salespeople who are involved in selling new ideas to people who have not yet recognised the need. New salespeople should have attended some basic selling skills courses first.

Course Objectives

After attending this course, participants will have the ability to:

  • sell a new proposition
  • identify the key issues in their propositions
  • start to develop their action plan for the proposition
  • present and develop their action plan for a proposition

Course Outline

The Issues Of Selling New Propositions
Purchasing organisation
Selling organisation

Introducing The New Proposition
The first meeting
Developing an effective introduction
Developing impact
Avoiding common errors
Action Plan

New Concept Checklist
Behaviour analysis
Personal benefits

Action Plan

To see how this course could help you develop a service-led culture through a more sustained customer service strategy or to talk through your exact requirements please contact:

Claudine McClean