Account Development By Telephone

In-Company Course Overview
This account development course builds on existing telephone sales skills to provide the business acumen and relationship building skills required to successfully develop important accounts over the telephone. Participants will leave with a clear understanding of how to add value into the supplier/client relationship, thereby locking out competitors and maximising over time the value of the account.

Who Should Attend
Experienced telephone sales and customer service professionals who are responsible for managing important accounts primarily from a desk-based situation. Business development managers who are responsible for building long-term business through their telephone-based sales teams would also benefit.

Course Objectives
After attending this sales training course, participants will have the ability to:

  • Manage their accounts in a way that produces more profitable partnerships
  • Develop the ability to build stronger business relationships over the telephone
  • Gain a clearer insight into the customers’ decision-making process
  • Protect their accounts from competitors
  • Add value to the relationship by identifying opportunities that have a positive impact on their customers’ business
  • Optimise the full business potential from each account
  • Build and develop account management strategies that produce real business growth
  • Identify those accounts upon which they can have the greatest impact.

Course Programme

The Fundamentals Of Account Management
Understanding your customer base
How to profile your market-place
Establishing account potentialCategorising and prioritising your customer base
Setting objectives for success

Developing Into An Account Management Role
Taking responsibility for the account
Developing personal and business empathy
Spotting opportunities for you and your client
The importance of networking within the account

Managing The Relationship
Managing the relationship over time
Identifying different company cultures
Understanding the customers’ priorities
The difficulties of building a relationship over the telephone
How the company website can support telephone account development
Identifying power, influence and advocacy within the account
Handling difficult personalities

Building Long Term Commitment
Strengthening your competitive position
Building personal, corporate and service credibility
Turning regular one off sales into contracted business
Delivering exceptional personal service
Managing the customers’ increasing expectations of service

Successful Strategies For Account Development
Establish the strength of your position
Identify your competitive advantages
Analysing the competitors from your customers’ perspective
How to view the market environment to increase your insight
Using the Internet as a research tool
Develop an effective action plan for each account.

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