Sales Training Programmes

The most effective way to develop a measured improvement in business performance within a sales organisation is to implement a Structured Training sales in-company training course.

From the first meeting we will bring a customer-centred, performance oriented, measurable approach.  We will work with you throughout the design, delivery and post-programme phases to develop the most productive sales programme possible.

Choose from some of our sales training programmes.  If you’d like something tailored to your exact needs we can develop a course for you, either on its own or by utilising some of this best practice material.  To book a course, or to discuss your development requirements drop us an email at

We believe that the fundamentals of selling remain the same – you, as the provider, want to increase the prospective customers needs/wants to purchase something from you, in a dynamic and ethical way as possible.

However, the variables that surround that equation – your market context, competitive pressures, changing customer motivations, value proposition, evolving sales process, and mind-set or skill requirements of your people – are constantly changing.  We take into account all these factors when designing your in-company programme.

Then, by aligning those contextual factors with the required skills profile of your sales people we can develop a programme which will create real change.

Another key aspect of our in-company training methodology is the need to engage with sales management before, during and after the programme.  New learning must get used within the 20 days following its implementation, or that learning will degrade very quickly. It is the role of sales management to act as coach and make sure those new skills are practiced, the techniques honed and the value adding activities increased. We will work with you to make sure that happens.

If you’d like further information about how we could develop a sales in-company training course for your organisation or would like to talk through your requirements in more detail please contact us: