Sales Training

Our sales training has one objective – to improve the sales performance of people through changing their behaviours and activities.

This is what is at the heart of Structured Training’s design and delivery process.

As markets continue to become more complex and routes to those markets become varied and interdependent, the role of the salesperson needs to be constantly underpinned with effective, relevant and stimulating training and development.

Structured Training’s sales development solutions deliver the following range of solutions that can be used as separate interventions or blended into a uniquely designed solution.

    • Sales In-Company Programmes
      When the need is specific, whether covering the whole sales organisation, one division, or a single team, an in-company programme is likely to be to the most effective response.
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  • Sales Consultancy
    Often before the training course is implemented there are broader issues that need to be addressed. This can include the design of the sales organisation, its strategy, value proposition, or other sales related ‘architectural’ issues. Here, a focused piece of measurable, fixed priced consultancy can create a much more effective sales force.
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To see how our sales training courses or solutions could improve the sales performance of your people please contact: