Project Management

This management training course introduces executives, managers and their teams to techniques recognised as best practice project management. The course is focused on the important issues of time, value and performance.

Participants will practice the skills of project management using case studies and their own work examples. Peer group feedback will be encouraged, coupled with tutor-led reviews. Over the two days the participants will build a ‘tool box’ of project management techniques enabling individuals to more effectively initiate, define, plan, manage and review projects. It will also assist in developing the leadership and team synergy so vital to successful project outcomes.

Who Should Attend

The course is designed for executives and managers who have responsibility for managing and leading projects and those involved as project team members.

Course Objectives

After attending this course, participants will have the ability to:

  • Set, agree and gain commitment to project objectives
  • Prioritise work in line with business objectives
  • Accomplish high performance results whilst minimising costs and time used
  • Manage change effectively in a project context
  • Develop the key attributes of an effective project manager
  • Build an effective project team, balancing the needs of the team and the individual
  • Anticipate problems and opportunities and plan the appropriate response
  • Follow a structured approach whilst retaining essential flexibility
  • Monitor, control, complete and review the project effectively
  • Be more confident with their leadership and influencing styles.

Course Programme

Purpose And Scope Of Project Management
Project management principles, definitions and overview
Role and characteristics of the project manager and leader
Project organisation, concepts and options
End of phase requirements and decision gates
Team selection and team building
Handling the implications of change

Defining The Project’s Terms Of Reference
The inception of projects
Establishing the purpose and scope of the project
Setting and agreeing objectives
Identifying constraints and opportunities
Identifying what results need to be accomplished
Identifying what resources are required
Establishing who is to do what
Balancing competencies with motivation and trust
Establishing the balance between objectives and resources

Planning The Project
Estimating time for task completion
Estimating and tracking costs
Assigning responsibilities
Scheduling with Gantt Charts
Network analysis
Identifying the critical path
Resource optimisation
Planning contingencies for potential problems and assessing risk
Problem solving

Managing The Project
Lead and influence without authority
Managing the project team
Change Management
Monitoring, controlling and reviewing the project
Using the Internet to assist project team communication
Project progress reporting
Assessing project effectiveness
Identifying key success factors
The daily, weekly and monthly jobs for project managers.

Personal Development Plan
Developing an individual action plan for implementation back in the workplace

To talk through your management training requirements, including tailoring this course to suit your exact needs, please contact:

Claudine McClean