Marketing Your Skills Successfully

This one day course is designed to help employees exiting your business to begin their job search confidently.  It is run along workshop lines allowing all participants to bring along their existing job search collateral so they can work on it in real time with active support.  The workshop encourages further networking between the participants beyond the training to provide ongoing support in their job search.

Who Should Attend

We recommend this one day programme for business who are looking for a practical and cost effective outplacement solution which gives employees who are leaving the skills, tools and confidence they need to navigate the employment market.

Course Objectives

After attending this course, participants will be able to:

  • Write an effective CV focusing on achievements and employability
  • Adapt covering letters and CV’s to maximise effectiveness
  • Network effectively through formal and informal channels
  • Prepare confidently for interviews and assessment centres
  • Utilise online recruitment facilities to increase opportunities
  • Make the most of recruitment agencies for temporary, contract and permanent work

Course Programme

What Is Personal Marketing?
What do we mean by a personal profile?
What are the key “ingredients”?
“Presence” and “impact”; why do we need them?
Overcoming hidden barriers which hinder success
Building your personal profile

Confidence Building
Confidence starts with self-belief. It’s all about you
Projecting your confidence in a relaxed way
Building confidence through planning and knowledge
The balance between confidence and over confidence
Speaking with confidence, warmth and conviction

CV Preparation
Creating the right impression
Identifying the key themes
Marketing your achievements
Preparing and designing cover letters
Reviewing CVs: What to look for
Flexing your approach

Planning Your Job Search
Defining your criteria
Choosing the right media
Getting the most from agencies
Using the web professionally

Rapport, Networking And Relationship Building
Choosing your networking routes
Getting the word out through friends networks
Listening skills for networking and relationship building
Questioning skills review and refresher
Making conversation easily, and enjoying it
Getting your message across
Networking tips and techniques
Getting results

Interview Preparation
Initial impressions; how (and when) they are formed
Maximising the first two minutes
Making sure that your attitude shows – positively
Why attitude is all-important to your rapport with people
The effect of appearance and body language Making good use of feedback

Interview Essentials
Answering the questions
Making your examples memorable
Staying calm under pressure
Asking for commitment

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