Improving Your Presentation Skills

In-Company Course Overview

Presentation skills have never been more important at a time when people can choose to communicate electronically.  The impact made by an individual presenting to a group is vital to ensure greater understanding and buy in whether it’s a sales presentation, an internal team conference or a supplier briefing.

Who Should Attend

Individuals at all levels who wish to assess and improve their ability to give confident, professional and effective presentations. Those who want to work hard, have fun and see their presentations really improve whilst working with a like-minded, friendly and relaxed small group. Due to the interactive nature of this course numbers are strictly limited to 8 people.

Course Objectives

After attending this management training course, participants will have the ability to:

  • Prepare and deliver a professional, effective business presentation
  • Deliver presentations with impact and confidence
  • Be aware of their strengths and areas for future improvement
  • Feel more relaxed and natural whilst presenting
  • Use visual aids and technology to enhance the presentation
  • Understand the audience, leading to greater rapport
  • Get results from their presentations
  • Implement continuous self-development for presentations.

Course Programme

Planning Your Presentations
Achieving results starts with good planning
Identifying your goals
Understanding the audiences’ objectives

Smarter Preparation
Gaining and maintaining audience interest
Thinking smarter, not longer
Structuring your message to achieve your goal

Practicing Your Skills
Receive honest feedback in a safe environment
Focusing on areas for improvement
Planning your development

Personality Matters

Developing presence and building your credibility
Speaking with confidence, eliminating nerves
Projecting confidence and professionalism

Professional Delivery
Staying in control – of the subject, the audience and the time
Handling questions fluently, even the tricky ones
Creating a rapport with the audience

Supporting Acts
Enhancing the message with visual aids
Keeping it simple, yet effective
Using third parties to enhance your message

Presentation Technology

Handling laptops and data projectors professionally
Using PowerPoint* without letting it use you
Understanding Internet-ready technology

Getting Results
Managing interaction
Achieving your goal
Leaving the audience on a positive note

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To discuss how this management training course could enable you to give confident, professional and effective presentations or to talk through your requirements, including tailoring this course to suit your exact needs, please contact:

Claudine McClean