How To Manage Change

In-Company Course Overview

Change is a part of everyday life and managing change is an essential skills required by today’s managers. This practical management training course covers a range of change management principles and techniques to help managers handle change within their organisation. The course will look at the key steps within the change process and examine the human side of change.

Who Should Attend

Managers at all levels who need to manage change courses and lead their teams through the transition period.

Course Objectives

After attending this course, participants will have the ability to:

  • Understand the pressures generated by organisational change
  • Understand the change process and their role within it
  • Understand the importance of planning within the change process
  • Recognise the importance of effective communication and motivation
  • Understand their own and others’ behaviour when working through change

Course Programme

Why Change Is Here To Stay
An overview of the increasing pace of change
The threats and dangers of not changing
Why some organisations can’t change
Why some people won’t change

How Change Connects With Maintaining Competitive Advantage
Developing the strategic arguments for change
Where the mandate for change needs to start
Avoiding remedial change before it’s essential

What Sort Of Change?
Strategic change – directional
Structural change – organisational
Process change – methodology
Tactical change – detail
Behaviour change – cultural
Understanding the dynamics of the mix

The Success Drivers Of Change
Checking your organisation’s ‘change profile’
Mapping the change onto the culture
Building a constituency for change
Making sense of the change to the different audiences

Dealing With The People Issues
Behaviour is all there is
How to use behavioural modelling techniques
Methods for reducing fear and insecurity

Creating A New Organisational View Of Change
Increasing peoples ‘change receptiveness’ over time
Looking for the opportunities from change
Understanding what a Learning Organisation is

Personal Development Plan
Developing an individual action plan for implementation back in the workplace

To talk through your management training requirements, including tailoring this course to suit your exact needs, please contact:

Claudine McClean