Fundamentals Of Management

In-Company Course Overview

The modern manager has a range of roles, each important, each different and often competing, understanding those roles and balancing their demands is the key to success in the modern workplace.

This management training course covers the essential people management skills needed to be an effective manager.

Who Should Attend

Managers and supervisors on first appointment or those who have been managing for a while with no formal training. Anyone who wants a thorough grounding in management principles would find this course of benefit.

Course Objectives

After attending this course, participants will have the ability to:

  • Coach people to achieve higher levels of performance
  • Identify and develop the characteristics of successful teams
  • Organise and prioritise own work and apply the principles when managing others
  • Understand their own management style and how it affects team performance
  • Achieve greater productivity through delegation
  • Apply the principles of effective decision making
  • Improve interpersonal skills when communicating
  • Set standards and agree targets for self and others, and evaluate results
  • Create a more motivational work environment.

Course Programme

Resource Manager
Managing yourself for credibility
Setting priorities for success
The management balancing act

Decisive Manager
Using effective decisioning tools
Accountability in a litigious world
Understanding the consequences of action and inaction

Creative Manager
Creating a climate for creativity
Understanding and balancing risk and reward
Harvesting creativity from unusual sources

Thinking Manager
Building a range of perspectives
The pragmatic theorist
Driving improvement through well and thought out approaches

Performance Manager
Linking personal, team and organisational success
Objectivity in performance
Feedback as a success driver

Coaching Manager
Coaching as way of working life
Who’s coaching who
Creating space to move through coaching

Persuasive Manager
Building a personal profile
Understanding resistance and politics
Gaining agreement through benefits

Change Manager
Your role and responsibilities in the change process
Change at a personal, team and organisational level
Balancing emotions and facts

Leading Manager
‘Walking the talk’ to command respect
Understanding values – yours, your teams’ and the organisations’
Extending your circle of influence beyond your circle of control

Self Aware Manager
Determining your preferred style
Your management shape
Planning for the future

To discuss how this management training course could help improve your people management skills or to talk through your requirements, including tailoring this course to suit your exact needs, please contact:

Claudine McClean