Developing Your Management Experience

In-Company Course Overview

Managers need more than ever to add value, not only in their conventional role of team management, but also in the wider role of contributing to and increasing their company’s effectiveness. This management course focuses on how to balance the local issues of team performance whilst at the same time creating space to make a larger contribution.

A highly motivated and productive team is usually led by a manager who is also operating effectively within their management peer group and wider company. This course equips managers with the knowledge to make a more significant contribution.

The management training course includes much of the latest thinking about virtual, empowered organisations, therefore allowing attendees to test their own approach against the new emerging business and management models.

Who Should Attend

Experienced managers, team leaders and supervisors who wish to build on their existing management skills in a participative, thought provoking environment. The course assumes attendees will have at least 12 months management experience, although they may not have any formal management training to-date. The course can act as an excellent stimulus in helping managers reach a higher level of personal insight and quality of contribution, increasing their capacity to act in a more senior management role.

Course Objectives

After attending this course, participants will have the ability to:

  • Understand what it takes to be an effective manager in the 21st century
  • Learn the difference between leadership and management
  • Build an effective performance framework
  • Build and lead a high performance team
  • Motivate people in a non-hierarchical, non-status orientated business
  • Place the internal and external customer at the centre of all activities both from a team and individual basis
  • Understand the dynamics of change and how to minimise change disruption and change fatigue
  • Use a project focus to achieve complex and sometimes competing objectives
  • Position themselves to take advantage of the opportunities for the modern manager
  • Use the web as an online learning and development resource.

Course Programme

New Organisations For The 21st Century
Customer focus and mass customisation
The virtual company and e-business
The learning organisation
Becoming world class

New Managers For The 21st Century
Moving away from command and control
Building networks not hierarchies
Using contribution not status for credibility
Positioning your skill-set for the future

From Management To Leadership
Why many managers over-manage and under-lead
The challenge (and paradox) of leadership
How to construct a compelling vision
Developing your own leadership style

High Performance Management
Connecting vision, values and goals
Constructing a performance framework
Connecting your team’s performance to the corporate numbers
Making and taking tough and debatable decisions

Motivating And Developing Your People
Selecting on attitude, not experience
Learning how to coach effectively
How to motivate individuals in a team culture
Motivating within a new psychological contract
Building a career plan in a flat structure

High Performance Teams
How (and why) teams work best
Understanding team dynamics
Basing team selection on roles, not functions
Building a virtual team over the Internet

Building A Customer (External Or Internal) Perspective
Understanding the customer proposition
Auditing your service capability
Placing your team in the customer value chain
The impact of new technology
Using Internet, Intranet and Extranet to build customer and team intimacy

Emotional Intelligence
EQ and IQ
How to incorporate EQ into your leadership style
How emotions affect management decisions
Developing a culture of inter-dependence

Being An Effective Agent Of Change
Change is here to stay
Re-engineering – from function to process
Your role in a change transformation process
Tactics and strategy

On-Going Action Planning
How to implement your own post-course project
Applying the learning in practical ways

To discuss how this management training course could help you improve team performance and make a larger contribution or to talk through your requirements, including tailoring this course to suit your exact needs, please contact:

Claudine McClean