Counselling Skills

Course Overview

Counselling is helping a person to move forward. A short conversation may become important counselling. People are often the most expensive asset of an organisation. People make the difference between success and failure. Staff problems can be costly in terms of productivity and the effect on colleagues and customers. Counselling is a key skill for managers/team leaders and supervisors. It helps to avoid staff problems and deal with them.

Counselling is not just for problems, it also helps us obtain maximum productivity and job satisfaction for our high performing staff. Counselling skills are a key element in helping potential ‘superstars’ to develop.

In this interactive and stimulating course participants will learn the key skills and embrace a variety of staff situations.

Who Should Attend
All Managers, Supervisors, Team Leaders or professional staff who have staff members reporting to them either directly or as part of a project team.

Course Objectives

Participants will learn:

    • to recognise counselling situations and the role of counselling in effective management
    • to ‘manage’ the counselling session to ensure a productive outcome
    • the value, role and constituents of effective preparation
    • the role of counselling in other areas.

 Course Outline

What Is Counselling?
The role of counselling in producing performance
When a conversation becomes counselling
Definition of counselling

Counselling Structure

Opening the session
Declaring covert/overt objectives
‘Getting to the bottom of the problem/issue’
Counselling to help good performers get better
Exploring ways forward and agreeing on an action plan
Agreeing objectives

Counselling Preparation
Performance analysis checklist
Use of motivators
The counselling environment

Other Counselling Situations
What you can and cannot do with ‘personal’ issues
Counselling as a precursor to a discipline situation

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Claudine McClean