Building Your Personal Profile

In-Company Course Overview

In today’s world being technically good at your job is no longer enough; you also need to be an excellent communicator, and have confidence and self-belief. People skills are highly prized, but your ability to get on with others always starts with how you feel about yourself and how you approach others.

This practical management training course will cover the skills needed to ensure that you make a positive impact on the people you meet, build rapport andshow your confidence.

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for those who are aware that they need to develop their presence, self-belief and confidence in communicating with others. It is also for those who wish to become more influential within their workplace and with clients, whether during business meetings or networking opportunities.

Course Objectives

After attending the course, participants will have the ability to:

  • Create a powerful, positive first impression
  • Realise their self-belief and confidence
  • Develop their own presence and communication style
  • Improve listening and conversational skills
  • Develop networking skills
  • Develop a professional rapport with clients and colleagues
  • Understand the significance of verbal and non-verbal communication.

Course Programme

What Is A Personal Profile?
What do we mean by a personal profile?
What does it encompass?
What are the key “ingredients”?
“Presence” and “impact”; why do we need them?
What can they help us achieve?
Overcoming hidden barriers which hinder success
Building your personal profile

Confidence Building
Confidence starts with self-belief. It’s all about you
Projecting your confidence in a relaxed way
Building confidence through planning and knowledge
The balance between confidence and over confidence
The importance of eye contact
Developing your own communication style
Speaking with confidence, warmth and conviction

First Impressions
Initial impressions; how (and when) they are formed
Maximising the first two minutes
Approaching an initial meeting
Making sure that your attitude shows – positively
Why attitude is all-important to your rapport with people
The effect of appearance and body language

Rapport, Networking And Relationship Building
What’s your attitude to relationships?
Behavioural flexibility; the multi-faceted you
Listening skills for networking and relationship building
Questioning skills review and refresher
Making conversation easily, and enjoying it
Getting your message across
Positive words for a memorable meeting
Networking tips and techniques
Proactive feedback at work
Getting results

Continuing Development
Personal profile maintenance
Evolution and development of your style
Development plan for the next 6 months

Personal Development Plan
Developing an individual action plan for implementation back in the workplace.

To discuss how this management training course could help you make a positive impact on the people you meet or to talk through your requirements including tailoring the course to suit your exact needs, please contact:

Claudine McClean