Management Training Programmes

The most effective way to get improved performance from a group of managers that has a lasting impact and is organisationally aligned with your business objectives is to design and run a Structured Training in-company, tailored, management development programme.

Whether this is working with inexperienced managers in a first-line position or a group of experienced senior managers, Structured Training have the experience and expertise to deliver a very effective learning intervention.  You can use these Team Management and Personal Management courses as a starting point:

Team Management Skills

Personal Management Skills


Management development is all about organisational context. We obsess about really understanding your cultural norms (appropriate or otherwise), business challenges and the personal world of the people attending. We can underpin any training with feedback mechanisms like 360°; create support processes with coaching; use our own competence library to inform the skills requirement or integrate it with your own people management systems.

Effective management development should not be event based training dissociated from the workplace.  Instead it should be something that integrates with people’s reality as they engage around what they are trying to achieve on a daily basis.

If you’d like further information or would like to talk through your requirements in more detail please contact:

Claudine McClean