How To Build A High Performance Culture

In-Company Course Overview

What is a High Performance Culture? Is it something an organisation can deliberately and specifically focus on creating? What separates world class performers from the majority? This one day leadership training course gives you the inside track on what best in class performers are doing differently, with specific techniques and ideas you can take away and implement, either at a local, tactical level or at a more strategic, organisational development one.

Who Should Attend

Directors and senior managers looking for new, related ideas to stimulate different ways of thinking about the challenges their organisation faces would significantly benefit from attending. Also, executives looking for benchmarking ideas or for a catalyst to support their company in making a necessary performance step-change would leave with a range of new techniques and examples.

Course Objectives

After attending this leadership training course, participants will have the ability to:

  • Understand whether their organisation has the potential to be world-class
  • Identify the required foundations for building a high performing organisation
  • Build a company specific framework to engage the organisation on the journey towards becoming best-in-class
  • Get past the rhetoric of employees ‘being valuable’ to the real deal of people impactful engagement
  • Understand why world class businesses become employers of choice and win the war for talent
  • Measure their own people practices against best practice exemplars
  • Implement a road map that engenders a high performance culture in their own organisation.

Course Programme

Getting The Definitions right
How culture is different from values
What world class really means
Why stretch targets and BHAGS can have the opposite affect
Defining your own terms around what you are trying to achieve

The Key Organisational Capabilities
Using expectation management to deliver excellence
Developing Contextual Literacy™
Learn how to manage paradox and contradictions
Why leadership and change management are such critical capabilities

Creating and Using A Vision, Values And Goals (VVG) Framework
Giving people meaning to their work
The power of VVG
How a purpose framework reduces the management overhead
Why being VVG-driven organisations delight the customer

Developing a New Psychological Contract
How to use contribution to drive up standards
Creating ownership and peer group pressure
How loyalty and employability interrelate
Why command and control is antipathetic to being world class

Putting People At The Centre of Your Value Proposition
How to develop a point of view around what works
How Best Practice development empowers people
Using people as part of the brand message

Focus, Focus, Focus
Why less is always more
How to discriminate and prioritise
Why simple strategies deliver
Indentifying the change drivers that matter

Building A Success Template
Using an effectiveness checklist
Deciding what’s possible and doing it
Implementing your 90 action plan road map

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