From Management To Leadership

In-Company Course Overview

Managers need more than ever to add value, not only in their conventional role of team management, but also in the wider role of personal leadership. This leadership training course focuses on how to balance the local issues of managing performance with the challenges of offering genuine leadership and vision to the team.

Who Should Attend

Experienced managers, team leaders and supervisors who wish to build on their existing management skills in a participative, thought provoking environment. The course assumes attendees will have at least 12 months management experience, although they may not have any formal management training to-date. The leadership training course can act as an excellent stimulus in helping managers reach a higher level of personal insight and quality of contribution, increasing their capacity to act in a more senior management role.

Course Objectives

After attending this leadership training course, participants will have the ability to:

  • Learn the difference between leadership and management
  • Understand what it takes to be an effective manager in the 21st century
  • Build and lead a high performance team
  • Motivate people in a non-hierarchical, non-status orientated business
  • Place the internal and external customer at the centre of all activities
  • Understand their own leadership style and how to utilise it to drive effective change
  • Create a leadership culture.

Course Programme

The 4SLeader
Develops their role more broadly than simply functional delivery terms
Leads people’s situations and ideas proactively looking to make an impact
Aligns their personal goals with the organisations goals

Leading Change
Driving change towards a desired state
The role of the change sponsor
Maximising change acceptance

Leader As Coach
Creating a coaching environment
Coaching your successor
Planning leadership succession

Thought Leadership
Your role as a window on the world
Challenging the organisational paradigms
Refracting opportunities through experience

Leading Innovation
Championing innovation
Providing a coherent and compelling vision
Failing forwards, gracefully

Decisive Leadership
Decision making in an ambiguous world
Courage as a leadership tool
Building a network of trust

Organised Leader
Targeting your resources for impact
Identifying the barriers and driving through them
The elephant cookbook

Performance Leadership
Adapting your style to maximise performance
Discriminating on performance
Creating a climate for improvement

Persuasive Leader
Dynamic and compelling persuasion through passion and drive
Tailoring your approach to your audience
Persuading with integrity and sound judgment

Self Aware Leader
Determining your preferred leadership style
Your leadership shape
Planning for the future

To talk through your leadership training requirements, including tailoring this course to suit your exact needs, please contact:

Claudine McClean