Developing A Vision, Values And Goals Framework

In-Company Course Overview

Over the medium to long term organisations with a clear Vision, Values and Goals (VVG) Framework outperform ones that don’t.  Embedded and real vision, values and goals can create the kind of environment where people feel engaged and valued, where there is real commitment and belief in what the organisation is trying to achieve. This one day leadership training course will give you a practical tool kit for creating an effective VVG Framework, enabling your organisation to communicate a real sense of direction and urgency, underpinned with values based behaviour.

Who Should Attend

Managers and directors (especially CEOs) who believe a VVG Framework is required in their organisation. HR/OD specialists who have a change management/influencing role who are looking for material to help support a needed change of organisational direction would also significantly benefit.

Course Objectives

After attending this leadership training course, participants will have the ability to:

  • Engage key stakeholders around a vision, values and goals discussion and the benefits it can bring to the organisation
  • Incorporate the VVG framework with any wider organisational development initiatives
  • Clearly understand how to construct a mobilising vision
  • Effectively position becoming a values-driven organisation, including what it does and doesn’t mean
  • Link Values to changing behaviours
  • Integrate any existing strategy into a set of effective and  distinctive Vision aligned Goals
  • Design and implement an engagement and communication plan

Course Programme

Why Is A Vision Values Goals (VVG) Framework Critical?
The need for meaning in peoples’ work
How a VVG Framework avoids agility and compliance becoming mutually exclusive
Building trust with all stakeholder groups
Changing times require non-negotiable absolutes

The Benefits of a VVG Framework
How a VVG Framework increases long term profitability
Creating your employer brand
How morale is improved
Why customers love dealing with values driven organisations

Using A Vision To Create A Sense Of Purpose
Sorting out the difference between Vision and Mission
Where does a Vision come from?
How it needs to be more than a marketing strapline
How to consult effectively when Vision building

Becoming A Values Driven Organisation
Why being values-driven allows you to be market-led
How values can replace rules (and reduce risk)
Linking the concept of values the practicalities of behaviours
How to build values into your people management systems

Focus & Direction From Effective Goal Setting
How goals and strategy should fit together
The common errors in goal setting
Developing motivating goals
Using Balanced Scorecard Techniques

Engaging The Total Workforce
Getting senior management on board
How to build momentum across the organisation
Setting the correct expectations
Building ownership for change

Building Your VVG Road Map
Understanding the key interdependencies
Setting the right objectives
Using appropriate measures of success
Building your timeline

To talk through your leadership training requirements please contact:

Claudine McClean