Creating A Coaching Culture

In-Company Course Overview

A coaching culture transforms your people into enablers of others’ potential. Organisational coaching capability is a powerful source of competitive advantage because it puts learning and people development into a continuous state of implementation, so increasing speed to competence and reducing skills attrition.

However, simply putting your people (especially managers) through a skills-based coaching training course will not in itself create any kind of coaching cultural norm.

This one day leadership training course shows you how to create an organisational environment that will not only make any coaching training really effective, but also deliver a more fundamental learning environment, where any newly acquired skills are quickly and completely coached-in to the organisation post course.

Who Should Attend

Any director or senior manger who wants to explore creating a new learning paradigm for their organisation. Also specialists from the HR/OD/L&D functions would benefit in acquiring new insights and practical engagement tools to take back into their organisations, to help affect a significant cultural change.

Course Objectives

After attending this course, participants will have the ability to:

  • Understand what coaching is and isn’t, what it can deliver and what it can’t
  • Understand how coaching comes from a particular attitude to learning
  • Develop a business case for developing a coaching culture
  • Orientate their own organisations current learning approaches to coaching culture requirements
  • Develop their own version of the required new psychological contract
  • Develop people strategies that facilitate coaching opportunities
  • Use a coaching framework to develop a skills based coaching programme
  • Integrate these new learnings into existing people development strategies

Course Programme

What Is Coaching?
Getting the definitions right
Why coaching is misunderstood
Identifying the learns (and irrelevances) from sports coaching
Can anybody coach?

The Benefits of A Coaching Culture
How to improve speed to competence
Using coaching to set and raise standards
How to increase the effectiveness of training expenditure
How coaching reduces the management overhead

Defining & Moving Your Current Culture
What is the most conducive environment for a coaching culture?
Identifying the most effective cultural change drivers
Using values to reorientate culture
Building a culture change road map

Coaching In An Organisational Development Context
Mapping the required organisation capabilities
How the leadership imperative needs to be applied
Building a best practice model to embed excellence
Creating coaching exemplars

Developing The Required Psychological Contract
Developing a contribution model
The role of trust and empowermen
How management style needs to change
Using expertise based status to build credibility

Integrating Skills Based Coaching Frameworks
Where coaching skills fits-in
Assessing common frameworks
The use of Total Coaching™
What an effective coaching training plan looks like

Developing The Implementation Plan
Writing your 90 day road map action plan
Engaging the right cross-slice
The effective use of role-models
Communicating expectations

To talk through your leadership training requirements please contact:

Claudine McClean