Leadership Programmes

Working with a group of managers on leadership development can be the most effective way to stimulate organisational change.  Whether that is incremental change around a set of local issues or transformational change across the whole organisation, leadership development can make a significant impact. Leadership is about one thing – change. And it’s also about one thing when approaching that change – proactive engagement.

With our in-company leadership work we help groups or teams of managers understand this dynamic and how they can position themselves to take full advantage of its possibilities. We help them to see leadership as a mind-set rather than just a skills based issue.  Whilst few of their team could probably give a detailed definition of leadership, they would all give a very opinionated view as to whether their manager was exhibiting any leadership capabilities. Tricky to define, easy to identify.

Our leadership programmes make a real impact in helping to create a different managerial approach.  One which is inclusive, challenging, motivational, accountable and merit based – all the ingredients for a high performance culture. We give managers the language for leadership with its supporting vocabulary and necessary behaviours. Structured Training use its own 4SLeadership™ framework to underpin its leadership development work. Choose from some of our leadership training programmes.  If you’d like something tailored to your exact needs we can develop a course for you, either on its own or by utlising some of this best practice material.

If you’d like further information or would like to talk through your requirements in more detail please contact: Claudine McClean   E: claudinem@structuredtraining.com