Leadership Training

Leadership training is the catalyst for changing your organisation. Developing your leaders through leadership training can help achieve that change.

If you have any of the following challenges in your organisation, it’s leadership that will make all the difference:

  • Needing your managers to stop explaining and rationalising and to start  transcending the current realities
  • Giving people a sense of their future in your organisation and greater meaning in their work
  • Making change happen more quickly without worsening morale
  • Operating flatter structures which require more ownership and accountability to be shown – at every level
  • Creating new cultural norms around a different value set
  • Helping managers with credibility issues to be more effective in their role.

In a world of discontinuous, fast paced change it’s an organisation’s leadership response that will be the single biggest differentiator to maintaining, or extending its competitive advantage.

  • Leadership In-Company Programmes
    When the need is specific, whether covering the whole management population, one function, or a single team; an in-company programme is likely to be to the most effective response.
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  • Leadership Consultancy
    Sometimes an organisation needs to build a leadership context before it can train-in any leadership behaviours. Here, a focused piece of measurable, fixed priced consultancy can raise leadership to the top of the organisations’ agenda.

Structured Training uses its own 4SLeadership™ framework to underpin its leadership training and development work.

If you’d like further information on our leadership training courses and solutions or would like to talk through your requirements in more detail please contact:

Claudine McClean

E: claudinem@structuredtraining.com