About Us

As one of the UK’s leading training companies, Structured Training has over 30 years experience in providing practical people development solutions that deliver real business impact. We work with a range of national and international customers across the following core capabilities:

  • Sales
  • Management
  • Leadership

What Makes Structured Training Different?

We recognise that there are many training companies who, at first sight, work within the same space as ourselves. Organisations that choose to work with us know different.

This is how we deliver increased competitive advantage through people development for our customers.

Delivering Solutions That Improve Customers’ Performance

It goes without saying that we want our customers to succeed from the contribution we make. Our research, experience and delivery ensures that our work will create a positive and lasting organisational impact. Developing specific success measures would also be part of the design brief.

Being Obsessed About Customer Context

At all stages we understand the project within the context of the need, the customer, the marketplace, the macro-economic drivers, the people, etc, etc. By constantly referencing the need against the context, we will never sell you anything – you will only buy what is absolutely right.

Putting Our Customers First

We’re passionate about providing great customer service which means getting the basics right first time, then building on the experience to achieve real customer delight.

Striving To Do Work We’re Proud Of

We complete our best work when we are engaged in a true partnership with our customers. Going through the motions is something we simply do not do.

Having A Point Of View

We are always actively listening. However, if we see or hear anything that contradicts with our point of view and experience, we will say so and engage in a vigorous debate. That sometimes means challenging our customers. It also has occasionally means declining work because we believe we wouldn’t deliver value doing it in the way the customers wants, or its approach doesn’t sit well with us ethically.

Keeping Our Learning Ahead Of Our Customers

We have long-term relationships with our customers, based on mutual learning and growth. Many of our customers move so fast that unless we keep ahead of them we will fail to add value making the need for our learning to be even more vertical imperative.

Trying Not To Take Ourselves Too Seriously

The work is hugely important to us but when we’re working intensively with a customer to meet a deadline or the project is at a key phase, or something needs to change at the last minute, a sense of humour goes long way. We believe working together should be as enjoyable as possible.

If you’d like to talk through your sales training, leadership training and management training needs in more detail, please contact:

E:  info@structuredtraining.com